What Glen Powell And Zoey Deutch Have Said About Making Another Rom-Com Together After Set It Up

Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch standing next to each other and holding drinks in a press image for Set It Up.
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If you look at the 2024 movie schedule, you’ll see Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch individually thriving. The Top Gun: Maverick actor is set to release what could be one of Netflix’s best movies with Hitman this year, and the Not Okay actress has lots of exciting projects in post-production, like Anniversary and Juror #2. However, sadly, their upcoming projects don’t include another rom-com like Set It Up. Luckily, though, they adore each other, and they’ve both gone on record to explain how much they want to work together again.

Before we dive into what the actors have said about collaborating again, let’s flashback to 2018. Set It Up is released on Netflix, and fans fall in love with this rom-com about two assistants who try to make their lives easier by setting their bosses up together. Well, things go array, and while their plan didn’t exactly work out, it was a hilariously good time that ended with Powell and Deutch’s characters falling for one another. 

I mean this with all my heart when I say Set It Up is one of the best rom-coms to me, because of Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch, and I desperately need these actors to make another romantic comedy together. So, while we impatiently wait for that to happen, let’s go over what these two have said about collaborating again.

What Zoey Deutch Has Said About Reuniting With Glen Powell

Back in 2021, before their second collaboration was totally scrapped (more on that later), and after the Set It Up director’s sequel idea was revealed (it clearly didn’t pan out), Deutch told E! News this about working with her Set It Up co-star in the future:

There is another film with the writer of Set It Up, Katie Silberman, and myself and Glen Powell. We're all doing another movie together with Netflix. So, there is another rom-com coming from us.

That film would have likely been Most Dangerous Game, per EW, and the duo along with Set It Up’s writer and producer Katie Silberman were set to begin production in early 2020. Well, it seems like things sadly didn’t work out on that project, as Powell explained years later, but the duo wants to work together more.

What Glen Powell Has Said About Making Another Movie With Zoey Deutch

Powell explained that he and Deutch were working on making another movie together, however, it fell through, as he told ET in January of 2023:

One project we were trying to figure out didn't really kind of come to fruition, but Zoey and I are very committed to getting back on screen together.

Making that point again in an interview with Chicks in the Office from November 2022, the Anyone But You actor said:

Zoey and I are still very committed to getting back on set together, especially in a rom-com. We talk about it all the time.

He went on to say that he “loves Zoey so much,” and that they had a blast making Set It Up, so he really wants to work with her on another romantic comedy. 

To prove both that this love is real and the two actors’ chemistry is undeniable, check out this exchange between them from a 2022 Interview Magazine Q&A where they talked about working on rom-coms without their Set It Up partner:

Deutch: It was so lovely. Were you okay by the way seeing me kiss another guy? Was that hard for you?

Powell: [Laughs] No, no, no. I wasn’t okay with it. The fact that I even had to stomach through this movie, you doing a rom-com with another man was really tough for me. But look, again, I root for you. It’s just seeing your ex run off and be happy. It always hurts.

Deutch: You’re a great man for being able to handle it. I don’t know if I could do it for you. It might be too hard.

I need this charisma and comedy back on my screen ASAP! While Deutch’s Something From Tiffany’s and Powell’s Anyone But You are fun romps, it’s really hard to beat Set It Up. Now that both actors are more established in their careers, and taking on even bigger roles, it would be a dream to see them reteam for a new rom-com. 

However, as far as we know, that dream won’t come true anytime soon. So, while we all wait for a Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch rom-com reunion, let’s take a moment to appreciate Set It Up again with a Netflix subscription

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