Alexandra Ramos

Alexandra Ramos

Content Producer

The Background: Alexandra Ramos is a Content Producer at CinemaBlend. She first started off working in December 2020 as a Freelance Writer after graduating from the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Journalism and a minor in English. She later moved over to full-time in July of 2021, and primarily works in features for movies, TV, and sometimes video games. She is also the main person who runs both our daily newsletter, The CinemaBlend Daily, and our ReelBlend newsletter that is sent out bi-weekly to patrons.

What She's Into: Alex is into many things. She loves all kinds of movies except for super sappy romantic ones - with the only redeeming case being The Notebook, and is a big fantasy nerd. She’s a huge fan of the streaming shows that have been released, and loves to watch series’ like The Witcher, Shadow & Bone, and more. Her all-time favorite TV show has to be a solid three-way tie between Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Attack on Titan - she just can’t seem to pick one. Alex is also a big Marvel nerd, and will defend Scarlet Witch until her dying day. For years, she’s been an avid gamer, primarily for the PlayStation, and has become a part of the fanbase for games like The Last Of Us, God of War, Spider-Man, and more, but that won’t stop her from playing simple games like Animal Crossing, or FPS’ like Call of Duty. Alex is also a big sports fan and considers herself a couchside coach because she will threaten to throw stuff at her TV if Penn State or the NY Giants are losing (which is often), usually with pizza in her hands.

What She's Excited About Right Now: The Boys Season 4 and its spinoff, Gen V. Invincible Season 2 around the corner. And if the last part of Attack on Titan ever drops, that would be a dream.

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