Classes: Description
Our classes are designed as an art form that releases stress, increases flexibility and strength, and enhances physical alignment The learning of new repertory and choreographies may lead to formal and informal dance performances. 

Level 1 (Beginner)
A fun high energy choreographed workout that involves an introduction to the basic postures, stretches and fundamental movements of American Jazz Dance, which include warm-up, stretches, floor work, jazz techniques, across the floor combinations, and choreography which may incorporate some funky and
urban moves into it’s style.

Level 2 (Intermediate)
Is a continuation of level 1 or is for those who have had previous dance training and are familiar with the essential concepts and terminologies. The technical standpoint of this class becomes somewhat more demanding enabling the student to capably perform classical jazz, blues, latin swing, etc.

Level 3 (Advanced)
Is for those students who have a command of jazz techniques and are able to perform numerous styles of jazz including lyrical jazz. Lyrical jazz maintains the percussive rhythmic characteristics that define jazz, but it incorporates elements of Ballet and Modern dance in order to obtain a smooth lengthened look and lyrical quality.


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